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This manifesto has been prepared by representatives of the Community of Practice of the Pestalozzi Programme and the working group “Teachers’ profession in the 21st century” of the Education and Culture Committee of the Conference of International Non-governmental Organisations of the Council of Europe for the jointly organised conference “The professional image and ethos of teachers” in April 2014 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The overwhelming majority of the conference expressed their conviction that this manifesto - revised and adapted in the light of the discussions and feedback during the conference - reflects not only their major concerns but also the main avenues to explore in future.

It is meant as a message from practitioners to other practitioners and to policy makers. Despite all differences of context across European classrooms and learning spaces, the principles and the orientations contained in this manifesto can offer a shared vision of what education for democracy can and ought to mean in the 21st century.

We hope that this manifesto will spark and fuel debates on the purpose and practice of education, to see how it can help to move us further towards the desired change of practices in our classrooms across Europe and elsewhere.

We invite you to continue to follow these crucial debates and developments and to share your experiences, comments and ideas.

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