Invitation to multiply

We have now also provided a condensed version of the Manifesto in form of a leaflet. This leaflet presents the main assumptions and ideas contained in the manefesto and is intended to give readers the opportunity to quickly see whether they will want to read the full version.

The condensed version currently exists in English and in French.



I invite you, as always, to let me know whether you could provide a trasnlation of it into your language(s). I propose the same procedure as for the full manifesto (see further down).


The manifesto "Education for change - change for education" is now available in a newly layouted and print-friendly version. You can find these versions in the document section of the website here.


We invite you to offer translations into different languages.


  1. If you are interested in doing a translation please let us know and give us a provisional timeline -
  2. Do it with at least one more person (better two)
  3. In the text on page two under "drafted by" please add a part "Translated by <your name> with the help/in cooperation with <other name/s>"
  4. Send the document to us - or add it in a comment below
  5. We will prepare the cover page (including the translated title) and publish it on the official website of the Pestalozzi Programme and on this website here
  6. And we will tweet the news

Thank you

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    • Thanks Jean-Luc

      It should work now

  • Dear Carolina - thanks a lot for this - we will have many language versions then - this is great


  • Hello,

    As I said, I'll try to translate into Portuguese, slowly.

    All the best

  • Dear Rita, this would be really great. Thank you for this. When you have it done can you please also upload it here so that we can spread it here and on the web site of the Pestalozzi Programme

    thank you again



    • Salut tout le monde.

      Josef, j'ai pratiquement terminé la traduction du Manifesto en italien, mais il me faut une révision; j'aurai besoin surtout de donner une bonne interprétation à certains mots à propos desquels mes compétences linguistiques ne suffisent pas: c'est pourquoi je suis en train de consulter des textes de spécialistes. Pendant la traduction, en certains moments, j'aurais vraiment aimé pouvoir me confronter avec Anna-Maria, Carolina et les autres "traducteurs".

      Je dois dire que le fait d'entrer dans ce Manifesto pour l'interpréter m'a permis d'en découvrir la richesse beaucoup plus profondément que lors de la lecture. Cela peut paraitre évident, mais je tiens à le souligner.


    • La lecture du rapport final de la conférence d'avril 2014 m'aide d'ailleurs beaucoup dans l'effort de précision en traduisant certains termes pour les lecteurs italiens.


  • Hi.

    I can translate Manifesto in italian: this will be the way to disseminate it to my colleagues.

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